The architectural design studio was established in the United Kingdom in 1968, while its branch in Poland has been operating for over a decade. The team of experienced architects, urban planners and interior designers has created over 5000 interesting design projects. A distinguishing characteristic of the studio is its commitment to solutions promoting sustainable growth in architecture, which is particularly important to Hines, the developer of Graffit.


The office building has been designed to harmoniously blend in with its environment. Its light structure, which matches the shape of the plot, and modern façade make the building both unique and consistent with its environment. All common parts of Graffit have been designed with high-quality materials, which attest to its prestige and durability.

The used materials include equitone, lacobel glass and architectural concrete. The distinguishing feature of the office building is its exposed floor-to-ceiling glazed façade, which allows sunlight to fully access the office space. Another eye-catching element is the extraordinary lobby designed together with Polish streets artists.




Chazme has gained the recognition of both the Polish and international street art scene. Apart from street art, Chazme works with illustrating, painting and graphic design.
His works combine street art with architectural design and geometric patterns.


Robert Proch

Robert Proch is a painter, mural artist and animator who is distinguished by his emphatic and unique artistic expression. His emotionally charged art is characterized by vibrant colours.
His achievements include numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad.



The artistic cooperation of Chazme and Robert Proch in the design of Graffit resulted in an extremely interesting set of murals, which will decorate the lobby of the office building. The introduction of street art design into the common space in Graffit will give the building its unique personality. The slogan “The Art of Business” will be strongly reflected in the office space at Domaniewska 28.